Set 10 Disc Brake Bearing Parts

Set 10 Bearing Parts


Use this bearing set and retainer to convert Dana 44 drum brake rear axle shafts with Set 10 bearings to be compatible with Disc Brakes.

The 51762 retainer has a raised lip that compensates for the difference in thickness between the drum backing plates and the thicker cast disc brake backing plates.

We prefer the 9912S seal due to the skirt that expands outward against the seal bore. It costs a bit more, but it works much better and is much harder to cut when you slide the axles in through the hole in the backing plate.  

Includes the following parts:

  • Timken Set 10 bearing and shaft collar x 2 sets
  • Timken 9912S skirted oil seal x 2 pcs.
  • Spicer 51762 retainer x 2 pcs. 


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Set 10 Disc Brake Bearing Parts
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